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Safety Over Everything

Oilfield safety is a critical concern in the oil and gas industry, as the production of oil and gas involves various hazardous processes and equipment.  DYMY ensures safety for our customers and employees by taking an active role in several organizations across Alberta including WCB, ISN, Enform, and Secor.

Ensuring safety in the oil and gas industry is a shared responsibility between workers, management, and regulatory agencies.


By prioritizing safety in all aspects of oilfield operations, companies can:


  • Reduce the risk of accidents and injuries

  • Protect their workers

  • Improve the overall efficiency

  • Improve profitability of their operations.

Safety is our ultimate goal and it is achieved by making constant and informed decisions in every aspect of our business including:

  • Utilizing a Modern Fleet and Equipment

  • Thorough vetting process for all new employees

  • Frequent site visits by senior managers to ensure all rules and regulations are being adhered to

  • Continuous training and reskilling of our entire team

  • Joining and taking an active role in several provincial and federal Safety Organizations

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