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Pickers Services

DYMY runs a growing fleet of boom pickers for your oilfield service, lift and operational needs.

All trucks are regularly maintained and inspected, as well as complete certified mechanical inspection performed every year.

All of our operators are licensed, insured, and continually training.  Since 1980 we have been the choice for safe, reliable, and consistency for oilfield operations.



  • Picker Trucks - Up to 8 Tonne

  • Gooseneck Trailers - Up to 40' and 40,000 LBS

  • Dump Trailers - 14000 LBS

Picker Services

  • Picker Work - Fully insured and ticketed trucks and operators providing rapid response to your lift needs.

  • Pipe/Tubing Hauling - Safely and efficiently moving your pipe and tubing throughout Western Canada.

  • Building Relocation - Changes in your operations layout are inevitable.  Our team has the equipment and experience in safely and efficiently moving separator buildings and other structures wherever they're needed

  • Hot Shot Services - Time is money.  When you need a rapid response to your oilfield emergency our team of dedicated and experienced operators are on hand to ensure your delivery of equipment, parts, or supplies is completed on time.

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